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IPH LLC is a direct correspondent for numerous direct funds & agencies, CMBS, portfolio, funds and private lenders. IPH arranges debt and equity for all commercial real estate property types nationwide. We focus on the entire capital structure specific to each real estate transaction and have the ability and experience to structure and place innovative transactions that satisfy the needs of both borrowers and lenders. 

Working And Expansion Capital


Ideal Lending Scenarios:


  • Bridge Loans from 50-75% LTC/ LTV. Competitive Rates, Many qualified Investors with Real Estate acumen. 1st Position on Real estate, 1-3 Year Terms, Fully Amortized loans from 10-25 years. Recourse & Non -Recourse, markets include US, Puerto Rico, Canada Select Caribbean markets (Only legal states and provinces)


  • Acquisition Refinance Completion to Construction Substantial Renovation, Property Reposition, past sponsor financial issues, defaulted loans. Pricing contingent to package review and supplementary information provided by clients. Access to Private Investors, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies. ( Each File is based on creditworthiness of borrowers and team experience, asset value AS IS and solid exit strategy)


  • 1st & 2nd Mortgage, 2nd positions in the form of investors interest can be refinanced out and replaced with 2nd lien, ( all income producing commercial is considered from $1- $10 M.) Non- Recourse Commercial Loans available. $1M +.


  • Asset Based Loans: Secondary Real estate may be pledged as cross collateral by Borrower for subject transaction Cash Out of all types of Real estate to 65% LTV and up to 80% LTV on cash flowing owner occupied or investor owned real estate assets. Nationwide. Cash out for any reason, Deploy Capital in various business opportunities. Must have strong exit strategy of bridge loan.


  • Loans on commercial buildings and warehouses (already built) cash flowing and income producing LTV and rate dependent on each project and principal’s strength, value -add creation, pre- determined exit of bridge, finance on cash flowing purchases, repositions are applicable. Nationwide co – lenders.


  • Consulting to Income producing opportunities, Strategic Financial Analysis and Capital planning. Package Development to prepare clients for Investors. Lenders and JV Partners. Minimum 90- day agreement with work conducted pre- introduction to final presentation to qualified Lenders and Investors on behalf of clients.


  • Consulting with Foreign Investors seeking to Invest in Real Estate projects in the US, Risk Mitigation Strategies and Capital Preservation, Sustainable Yields achieved.


  • Real Estate Finance: Existing companies that wish to expand and have sufficient equity in cash and seek a reasonable permanent debt or construction phasing into one or several projects over time. Structured Finance Model & Securitized by Real estate and other liquid assets.​

Credit Lines on Portfolios for US and Foreign Nationals

  • Our Leverage Line (Credit Lines) offer fully licensed SIPC- FINRA lenders, no title transfer- client in complete control of portfolio, with credit lines are available from Regional Partner ABN, a A+Rated in the industry 5 years running.

  • Direct Loans from Top Tiered lending Institutions Only

  • Portfolio Loan on Publicly Traded Stocks, ETF, REIT, Mutual Funds - a true Securities based line of credit that is the most competitive in the industry.

  • Use Funds for Real Estate, Buy a Franchise, Any Purpose

  • LTV from 75-97% - Highest Legal LTV in the market

  • Lender side fees waived

  • There are no FICO scores and no credit rating threshold. In fact, credit does not affect your offer as long as you have no bankruptcy in the past five years.

  • Low Doc, Term Sheet available within 24 hours

  • LOC process is completely secure and confidential

  • Secure your Stock Portfolio Loan



Most Common situations we solve: 

Clients that:

  • Need quick tax payment solution

  • Seek low cost stock secured loan as insurance cash for any emergency

  • Have unexpected medical bills that insurance does not cover

  • Seek a way to pay college within putting children in debt

  • Have “net worth rich” but “liquidity poor”

  • Seek to purchase a franchise or need additional working capital

  • Need funds timely real estate transactions or Need bridge financing


OP-LINE is now Available: UPREIT Shares- Umbrella Partnership real estate investment trust is an entity that REIT uses to let property owners contribute their real estate property exchange in exchange for operating partnership units that can be converted into REIT shares. (like 1031 exchange, this transaction lets property owners avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated real estate.

·         IPH is one of the few firms to offer a credit line against tax advantaged UPREIT/Operating Partnership Units. The product of over a year of careful, expert work, we are the only provider in that market that offers this facility as a standard line.  

·         If converting/selling your UPREIT partnership units would cost you in taxes and perhaps foregone appreciation, our credit line pound-for-pound is likely to save most borrowers an enormous amount over the alternatives.


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Dear Principals, Investors, CEOs, CFOs,

Our correspondent financial team is expanding our service to select private clients seeking capital with our proven Canadian/US PE FUND-lender in fact with 25 + years in real estate syndication and investment experience using a proprietary capital lending and investment model.

  • We offer a 2x-4x the collateral pledge of cash, real estate and IP (case by case) for loans on projects in USA, Canada. Caribbean. International clients reviewed (case by case)

  • Our fund- Lender in fact arranges investment from $7.5 million to $500m + in 60 days as lender of record  (debt,  debt equity combo, debt conversion or profit participation with no dilution to the clients company) No prepay, no exit fees, up to 3- year term, interest only,  Smaller Loans less than $7.5M considered.

  • Industry Sector: Real estate, Senior living/IL, Mixed use, Renewable Energy, MMJ- alternative Agro- Farming- Hydroponic - Aquaponic, Hemp, Commodities, Oil & Gas, Bio-pharma, Medical R&D,  Technology, Software as a service, Artificial Intelligence( AI) . Considering Startups and Existing Companies

  • To qualified CEO's, CFO's operating private and public companies for lines of credit or investments to the company.

  • Collateral shall consist of combination of cash, land, RE income producing properties, and IP-intellectual property- case by case.

  • Serving Seasoned Principals with solid Business Plan, Execution plan and Exit Strategies that are well defined.

  • We focus on solving project funding challenges for principals with, insured and security of our capital, security of interest, and security of principal capital pledged for LOC optimization.

Who We serve: CEO’s & CFOs/ Real Estate Developers/ Family Office/ Investment Manager(s), Principals

  • Consistently looking to purchase/acquire properties.

  • Consistently looking to buy, connect/integrate and sell companies.

  • Seeking add additional liquidity to their organization and require various capital deployment strategies.

  • Seeking options to safely leverage cash assets on the balance sheet to recapitalize their hard assets on the balance sheet, lowering their rate of interest and payments on fixed assets.

  • Seeking large sums of capital & a require a proven loan vehicle.

  • Seeking Proven asset protection & tax optimization structures

  • Family office seeking to deploy cash into viable model (insuring 100% of principal with 1-3-year terms funds remain in investors control) with double digit IRR internal rate of return.

  • Investment Managers seeking to guide investors into fixed interest rates from 9-10% per annum with 1-3-year terms, fully insured, no principal loss and 100% principal protection.

  • Creative, Experienced Team with proven track record to support the business strategy that has already been established.

  • As Lender representatives we seek principals that show a demonstration of integrity, trust, ability to execute, able to pledge assets cash or real estate- ( cash is preferred) ( one time or multiple pledges for repeat tranches, a viable business plan, financial statements and provide the experience of their management team.

  • Various capital deployment strategies

  • With over 50 years of investment experience around the world.

  • Complimentary consultations by appt. kindly text me a time available m-f we can discuss your request or log into our calendar with your full contact information.

  • Serving commercial real estate Investors, Private & Public Companies with asset/ collateral based innovative finance solutions.

  • Capital request to discuss? - set up your appt                               

       Conference Bridge:

Call In: 646-558-8656 code: 5748006404#

Equipment Financing

Lease And Purchase Options

Stock & Bond LOC

Line of Credit ( for US and Intl Clients- Asset based $250K- $25 M) Most Competitive Pricing and Reliable Capital in the Industry

Real Estate Bridge

(1) Asset based, Portfolio Cross Collateralization, -Recapitalization

(Cash Out) of Commercial Properties 

(2) Purchase, Refinance Cash Out for all types of Property types

Wholesale Credit Facility

Competitive option for purchase, recapitalization    and expansion- for Real estate, M&A, and Corporate Financing

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We are your source for fast working capital to expand your business. We say yes where banks say no. Apply today and get the money you need to grow.


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